Showgirl – Atomic Bath Bomb

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Battling dry skin has never been so much fun! Our bath bombs are packed with cocoa butter which not only moisturizes your skin, but also forms a protective barrier.

There are two ways enjoy your Atomic Bath Bomb. To create bubble art, gently place in the water after you have finished filling your tub. Or, if you would prefer a blanket of bubbles in your bath, place your Atomic Bath Bomb in the water while the tub is being filled.

Showgirl is so beautiful it is hard to look away. Flashy, glitzy, and tropical, she should definitely take center stage in your bathtub.

Showgirl has a light breezy fragrance.

Each one weighs about 9 oz. (An ATOMIC amount of fun!)

All of our bath bombs are sulfate free and cornstarch free for a totally safe bathing experience.

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Product Description

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cocoa butter, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, cream of tartar, polysorbate 80, fragrance, mica.


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